Breaking news! LATAMAX has developed a new logistics solutions to Brazil for Chinese sellers


Pandemic is still raging, this situation leads to increasing consumer demand for daily necessities and also health-related items. Many Chinese cross-border E-commerce sellers are facing a problem that they do not have a stable international logistics agent that results in a cargo being delayed in China.


Shenzhen Wells Shipping Agency’s subsidiary, LATAMAX Cross-Border E-commerce Logistics (hereinafter referred to as "LATAMAX") has recently officially declared that they have  developed a new logistics solutions to Brazil! This good news brought Chinese E-commerce sellers a great excitement, it can be said that the problems are going to be fixed! This  will not only promote bilateral trade between China and Brazil by economic export growth, the contry’s strategic cooperation will also be upgraded.


With 3 regular air freight flights per week and 3 deliveries per day at the destination, T/T is 7-10 days, this service can guarantee the delivery pithing the time frame. LATAMAX can provide customized products and services to meet seller’s needs regarding the delivery timeliness and the same time save transportation costs. Furthermore, LATAMAX has a global leading visible system that allows sellers to easily check cargo status and order processing status.


As we know, logistics people feel flustered when talking about customs clearance in Brazil for general cargo, same happens with cross-border E-commerce. With 12 years of cross-border e-commerce logistics experience and deep expertise in customs clearance in the Latin American market, LATAMAX follows a strict trade compliance to ensure the timeliness and safety of customs clearance for sellers.



LATAMAX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wells Shipping Agency, focuses on Sino-Latin American cross-border e-commerce logistics. It has set up 11 consolidation points in China, with a total of 30,000 square meters of warehouses located in Mexico, Chile and Brazil.


LATAMAX, as the preferred Latin American cross-border logistics service provider, relying on Wells' many years of industry resources, rich international logistics experience and leading technology, provides stable, fast and cost-effective FIRST LEG TRANSPORTATION, OVERSEAS WAREHOUSINGE-EXPRESS and premium solutions for hundreds of e-commerce enterprises and platforms.

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